Seed List

As we are just starting some seeds are very limited
  1. Gold of Bacau bean 60-70 days
    Good produce of sweet Romano-type beans.
  2. Good Mother Stallard bean 85-90
    Has a creamy texture and nutty flavor good for soups
  3. Tri-Color Bush beans
    Plants produce lovely pods of green, yellow, or purple. Sturdy, vigorous plants. Stringless.
  4. Blue Lake Stringless Garden Bean 62 days
    Produces 6 inch, terrific tasting, smooth pods. A vigorous producer with high yields. Pole type.
  5. Green Garden Beans 52 days to mature.
    Stingless bush variety. Early to mature very productive.
  6. Mixed Beans
    Unspecified variety of garden beans.
  7. Sultans Green Crescent Bean 75 days to maturity
    Stringless snap pole bean. A very good producer.
  8. Speckled Cranberry Bean 60-90 days to maturity
    Snap bean at 60 days, Green Shell bean at 80 days, or let dry on vine for Dry Bean. Stringless.
  9. Mix of Rattlesnake and purple pole bean
    Rattlesnake beans make for a good snap bean. Purple pole beans have a good flavor with long, crunchy, tender pods.
  10. Emerite Pole Bean
    Plants produce slim pods that can grow 7-9 inches long. The beans are sweet with long pods that have a crispy snap. Good for steaming or in stir fry. The plant has high yields.
  11. Bush Beans Provider
    Vigorous plants. Stringless. Plants provide long, rounded pods that have a sweet meaty flavor.
  12. Mama’s Cannellini Pole Beans-
    Good in stews and soups. Beans have a smooth, meaty texture with a nutty flavor. Needs to be trellised.
  13. Royalty Purple Pod Bush Bean
    These purple bush beans are vigorous producing plants These purple bean pods will turn green after a few minutes of cooking.
  1. Lime Basil
    Has Sweet and mild citrus taste. More heat tolerant then other varieties.
  2. Emily Basil A Compact Varity
    Good flavor. Leaves last longer after cutting then other types
  3. Lemon Basil
    Has a citrus scent and flavor. Use fresh or dried
  4. Purple Dark Opal basil
    Used to color vinegars and cooking. Has dark red stems and lavender flowers.
  5. Mini Basil
    A compact, aromatic mini herb. Good in containers and window boxes. Plant grows up to 8-10 inches tall. Great in every day cooking, sweetly fragrant plants.
  6. Sweet Italian Basil
    Plant produces large fragrant leaves that makes a great pesto.
  7. Salad Leaf Basil
    A sweetly fragranced plant that produces large, crinkled leaves that hold dressings well. Annual, frost tender. Plants produce large 4-inch leaves.
  8. Profumo di Genova Basil
    Annual, heat loving, frost tender. Disease resistance. Plant produces spicy, fragrant leaves.
  9. True Thai Basil Queenette
    Annual, heat loving, frost tender. Plant produces tropical looking basil. Mild sweet spice. Good in stir-fries, chutneys, and marinades.
  1. Endeavor Pickling Cucumber 50-60 days
    Early bearing and high yielding plants of crispy, curved, sweet cucumbers.
  2. Lemon Cucumbers
    Fruits are pastel yellow with a mild sweet flavor and crisp texture, that are non-bitter, with thin skins. . Good to eat right out of the garden but they also can be used for pickles. Needs to be trellis.
  3. Armenian Cucumbers
    Plants produce long, pale-green, ridged fruits. Non-bitter with thin crunchy skins. A good cutting cucumber with a mild sweet flavor. Thrives in heat.


  1. Stowell's Evergreen Sweet Corn 95 days to mature.
    A white sweet corn with one to two ears per stalk that stores well.
  2. Indian Corn 110 days to mature
    Ornamental with hues of red and blue. Non-editable.
  3. Bloody Butcher Corn 120 days to maturity
    Dent type ornamental corn. Two ears per stalk. Can also be used for roasting, cereal, and flour.
  4. Seneca Red Stalker Corn 100 days to maturity
    Flint corn with purple husk and stalk with multi colored kernels. Can be used for corn meal.
  5. Gem Hybrid Sweet Corn
    Plants produce 9 inch ears. Ears have bicolor, yellow and white, kernels.
  1. All Season Blend Broccoli
    A mix of great tasting high yielding varieties. Disease resistance and weather tolerance.
  2. De Cicco Broccoli 45-85 days to maturity
    Once the head is cut many side shoots will form. Great for Freezing.
  3. Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli 59 days to mature.
    Winter hardy. Over winter for early sprouts in spring.
  4. Green Broccoli 49-70 days to mature article link below
  5. Broccoli Romanesco Italia 75 days to mature
    Spiraling apple/lime green heads that can be eaten raw or cooked.


  1. Purple Peony Poppy
    Large double Purple blooms. the seeds from the pods of this flower are used in baking.
  2. Zinnias mix
    A mix of colorful blooms from mid-summer to frost. Good cut flower
  3. Slapiglossis Grandiflora mix
    Mixed colors of purples and pinks. Good as cut flower
  4. Bees Friend flower
    Lavender blue flowers that attract bees to your garden.
  5. Gila Globe
    Blooms can be blue or purple attracts pollinators. Good cut flower.
  6. Pink Queen Delphinium
    Light pink blossoms on 4 foot tall stalks. Good cut flower.
  7. Chinese Houses
    Flowers are bicolored amethyst and white.
  8. Larkspur Mix
    A mix of colors. Can reach 4 foot tall.
  9. Empress of India nasturtium
    Has dark green/blue leaves with scarlet red flowers. Good for containers or grow as companion plant for cabbage and cucumbers.
  10. Bells of Ireland
    Spikes with green bell shaped flowers. Very fragrant. Makes a good cut flower or dried flower that keeps its shape and color.
  11. Firmament
    Powdery blue star shaped flowers with gray green leaves. Make a nice cut flower.
  12. Swiss Giant Pansy Mix
    Large flowers in an array of colors.
  13. California Poppy
    Drought tolerant orange flowers that reseed themselves year after year.
  14. African Daisy
    White flowers with a bule center. Plants grow up to 2ft.
  15. Gomphrena Flower
    Mix of white, pink, rose colored flowers good as a cut flower or as a dried flower.
  16. Tall Mixed Morning Glories
    A fast growing plant that can reach up to 10 feet high. Flowers in blue, white, crimson, and pink.
  17. Crimson Rambler Morning Glory-
    Trumpet shaped flowers of crimson red with white throats. Blooms open early morning and close during the afternoon. A climbing vine that is easy to grow.
  18. Early Call Morning Glory
    A beautiful vine that flowers in water color pink, magenta, pearly white, chocolate, sky blue and lavender. Strong climbing vines that blooms continuously.
  19. Giant Imperial Mixed Larkspur
    Plants produce tall, long lasting cut flowers of pink, rose, purple, and white. Plants can get up to 4 ft. high.
  20. Flying Saucer Morning Glory
    A climbing plant, that produces early opening flowers in pearly white with light blue. Closes in after noon these plants can reach 10 ft high.
  21. Grandpa Ott’s Morning Glory
    A vining plant with heart shaped foliage that produces purple flowers. Early bloomer. Attracts hummingbirds.
  22. Hidcote Lavender
    Sweet lavender that is easier to start from seed. A very aromatic plant that is long blooming. Attracts butterflies.
  23. Hungarian Breadseed Poppy
    Easy to grow plants that are cold tolerant. Plant produces flowers of white or pale pink-lavender with dark centers. Plant produces urn—shaped pods full of delicious seeds, good for cooking and baking.
  24. Garnet Star Sunflower
    Bicolor flowers with garnet-red bursts in the middle with surrounding yellow petals. Blossoms grow up to 6 inches. A long blooming flower that’s good for cutting.
  25. Sweet William
    Perennial flower, that produces clusters of vibrant colored blossoms. Blossoms in colors of pink, red, and white bicolored blooms that are sweetly scented. Good for cut flowers.
  26. Cinnamon Sun Sunflowers
    Annual, frost tender. Plants produce 5-6-inch flower face. Blooms have chocolate centers and cinnamon-bronze petals.
  27. Azure Blue Bird Forget Me Nots
    Easy to grow spring flower. Hardy annual, can handle frost.
  28. California Poppy
    Annual. Plants produce vibrant blooms of orange and scarlet.
  29. Jewel Mixed Nasturtium
    Annual. Semi-double, ruffled blooms, that bloom all season long. Plants are easy to grow and thrives in poor soil. A compact plant that produces flowers of a wide range of colors.
  30. Moon Gleam Nasturtium
    Annual. Vigorous plants produce soft yellow flowers on semi-trailing vines. Good in hanging baskets and containers.
  31. Sweet peas
    Annual. Plants produce sweetly scented flowers of striking colors. A good climbing plant.
  32. Edible Sunflowers
    Annual. Seeds are good for roasting. These flowers can get up to 13 feet high. Frost tender.
  1. Oxheart carrot 90 days
    Massive heart-shaped roots to one pound each. Large blunt shape carrot that are crisp, sweet, and mild. Good for heavy or shallow soils.
  2. Cosmic Purple Carrot
    Bright purple outside with yellow or orange with a spicy sweet flavor.


  1. Brunswick Cabbage 90 days to mature.
    Cold hardy variety with large drumheads that store well.
  2. Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage 70 days
    Has a distinctly sweet flavor. Can be used for eating raw, in salads, making coleslaw, cooking or pickling.
  3. Copenhagen Market cabbage 63-100 days
    Good for small gardens is a compact variety. Early ball-head that can be used either fresh, cooked or made into sauerkraut.
  4. Kalibos Cabbage 85 days to mature
    Deep red cabbage with a mild sweet flavor. Stores well.
  5. Repollo Cabbage 70-90 days to mature
    Late session verity.Start indoors to harvest before weather becomes to hot.
  6. Early Jersey Wakefield 60-75 days to mature
    Early variety with 3-4 lbs. heads that are solid and tightly folded.
  7. Early Golden Acre Cabbage 60 days to mature
    Early variety. Compact heads, sweet flavor good in salads & coleslaws
  8. Mammoth Red Rock cabbage 90 days
    Large 7lbs heads of red cabbage with good flavor
  9. Premium Late Flat Dutch 100 days to mature
    Good for winter growing with heads that can reach 10-15 lbs. with good flavor. Keeps well.
  10. Nero Di Toscana Cabbage 60 days to mature.
    A Loose Leaf type of cabbage that is very flavorful. Good for soups and stews.


  1. Red ruffled eggplant
    Red orange eggplant that is bitter used mostly for ornamental arrangements.
  2. Pingtung Long Eggplant 65-75 days to manture
    12'' long fruits with dark lavender skin. Good producer disease resistant.
  3. Listada Gandia Eggplant 80-90 to mature
    Very productive and thrives in hot weather with mild flavor.
  4. Lao Purple Stripe Eggplant 90 days to manture
    Productive upright plant with pleasant flavor best when used small. Good for container.
  5. Florida High Bush eggplant 75-85 days’
    Large pear shaped fruit. Good producer.
  1. Large Warty Gourd Orange 90-120 days to mature.
    Ornamental. Non-edible.
  2. Crown of Thorns gourd Green color 95 days to mature.
    Non-edible. 4"-5" rounded shape with ribs and curved points (fingers) that point down
  3. Goose Neck Gourd 110-130 days to mature.
    Gourd with large round bottom and long neck that bulbs at the end.
  4. Crown of Thorns Gourd Golden color 95 days to mature.
    Non-edible. 4"-5" rounded shape with ribs and curved points (fingers) that point down
  5. Small Assorted Gourds ornamental Non-edible
    Mix that includes long necked green and yellow gourds, deep lobed orange and white


  1. Matilda Bib Lettuce 50 days
    Plants are vigorous growers and produces flavorful, leafy green rosettes with a nice texture. Heat Tolerant.
  2. Kagraner Sommer Lettuce50-60 days
    Butterhead type. Produce sweet tasting, full head. Heat tolerant.
  3. Ruby & Emerald Container Lettuce 50-70 days.
    A package of blended seeds of Emerald- green butterhead type and ruby-red mini, crispy leaf lettuce. Good in the garden or in large pots.
  4. Baby Leaf Blend- 40 Days
    A blend of cut and come again baby lettuces. Plants will regrow several times for more cuttings. Good in salads.
  5. Garden Babies Butterhead
    Baby butterhead plants produce softly folded leaves with a nice buttery texture Good to grow in containers. Slow to bolt, heat tolerant, and grows 5-6 inch heads.
  6. Rhapsody Lettuce
    A butterhead type. Vigorous grower. Good in salads.
  7. Oak Leaf Lettuce matures in 45-55 days
    Loose leaf lettuce. With outer leaves can be harvested all season.
  8. Red Salad Bowl Lettuce early maturing
    Maroon-red deeply cut leaves that can be harvested all season.
  9. Brune D'Hiver Lettuce Butterhead Variety
    Compact French lettuce with reddish-brown leaves.
  10. Green Bib Lettuce Butterhead Variety
    Ruffled outer leaves with a sweet butter flavor & texture.
  11. Cantarix Lettuce Oak Leaf Variety mature at 50 days
    A sweet lettuce w/ maroon colored leaves that are sweet.
  12. Lettuce Mix
    A unknown mix of different varieties of lettuce.
  13. Mantilia lettuce 60 days
    Butterhead verity with mild sweet taste that is slow to bolt.
  14. Ella Kropf 50-60 days
    A butterhead variety with softball size heads that are sweet
  15. Speckled lettuce 45 days
    Lose leaf Dutch verity with mild flavor.
  16. Tennis Ball Lettuce
    Butterhead variety. Small rosettes of light green leaves, tender heads, and loose form. Black seeded.
  17. Rouge D'hiver Lettuce
    Produces a compact head with a green heart and brownish red leaves.
  18. Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce 45-55 days to maturity
    Loose-leaf variety. Thick compact plant good for cut and come again lettuce when thickly sown. Pleasant sharp flavor, good texture, with a thin midrib.
  19. Rossa Di Trento lettuce 45-60 days
    Red tipped cutting lettuce with loose leaves.
  20. Unidentfied type of Red Lettuce
    Lose leaf with larger leaves that can be harvested all season.
  21. Gulley’s Favorite lettuce
    Butterhead type that is dark green with red around the edges and has a crisp texture.
  22. Merveille Des Quatre Saisons lettuce 60 days
    60 days - A bib type butterhead variety that is reddish in color with a crisp flavor. Heat tolerant.
  23. Pablo lettuce 60-80 days
    A crisp head variety with red and green leaves. Slow to bolt.
  24. Forellenschluss lettuce 55 days
    Has green leaves speckled with maroon. Does well in the heat. Good flavor. A romaine variety lettuce.
  25. Bronze Arrowhead lettuce 40-50 days-
    Oakleaf type with lose leaves that are dark green and maroon.
​​​ Herbs
  1. Chervil 40 days to mature.
    Has mild licorice/anise flavor
  2. Fennel 60 to 90 days to mature.
    Bulbous stem can be, grilled, or eaten raw. Don't plant near most other plants.
  3. Dill 40 to 60 days to mature.
    Used for cooking, and to flavor pickles. Many plants do not like to be planted near dill.
  4. Flat leaf parsley
    Robust flavor. stems have stronger flavor than leaves, used for cooking
  5. Giant Italian parsley
    Used in cooking, very productive with large leaves. Can use fresh or dry.
  6. Garden Cress
    Has peppery flavor. Good for sprouts at 5 days, and microgreens at 25 days.
  7. Wormwood
    Shrub with yellow flowers helps ward off some types of insect. Perennial in zones 3-8.
  8. German Chamomile
    Has many uses most commonly in tea. flowers have fruity fragrance.
  9. Summer Savory
    Has a peppery flavor. Can be used to season beans, sausage, cabbage, vinegars, and more.
  10. Sweet Marjoram
    Similar to oregano but sweeter.
  11. Wheat grass 12 days to mature.
    used for juices or salads. Soak seeds overnight before planting.
  12. Curly Parsley
    Mild flavor. Can be bitter. Stems have stronger flavor. Often used as garnish
  13. Tong Ho/Garland Chrysanthemum
    Sweet and spicy taste used to flavor stir fries, soups, and salads.
  14. Chives
    Used for cooking dishes. Has mild onion flavor.
  15. Lemon Balm
    Strong lemon scented leaves that are used for making tea, helps sooth upset stomach.
  16. Rue
    Striking grey green foliage with small yellow flowers with a unique pungent aroma.
  17. Catnip
    Euphoric for cats, makes a tasty herbal tea for humans.
  1. Georgia Flame Pepper 90 days to mature
    A hot pepper that is a very good producer. Great for salsas.
  2. Santa Fe Grande pepper 75-80 days
    Slightly sweet with mild heat and very productive.
  3. Sweet Pepper 65 to 70 days to maturity.
    Mixed color of sweet Bell Pepper.
  4. Serrano Chili Pepper 75 to 90 days to maturity.
    Red hot about 10,000 scoville. Productive. peppers a mild when picked early. get hotter as they mature.
  5. Pablano Chili Pepper 80 days
    Mildly Spicy. Easy to grow. Used fresh or dried and can be used when green or red. A good stuffing pepper.
  6. Black Hungarian Pepper 70-80 days to mature
    A good producer with a good medium hot flavor.
  7. Ancho Gigantea Pepper 90 days to mature
    A Mexican variety with rich flavor and medium heat.
  8. Bulgarian Carrot Pepper 70-80 days to mature
    A good producer. A hot pepper with a fruity taste that is good for roasting.
  9. California Wonder Pepper
    Thick walled peppers can be picked early when green and when fully ripe when peppers are red.
  10. Fatalii Pepper 90 days to mature
    A "sizzling hot" pepper with a citrus flavor. A good producer that is good for containers.
  11. Tequila Sunrise pepper 60-78 days
    Has a sweet peppery taste. Good for frying or eating fresh.
  12. Wenk’s Yellow Hots pepper 80 days’
    Peppers have a medium hot heat good for canning and pickling.
  13. Tolli’s Sweet Italian pepper 75-85 days’
    Sweet pepper good for canning, fresh eating, or cooking.
​​​Melons and other fruit 
  1. Hearts of Gold Melon 85-90 days
    Muskmelon that is sweet and productive.
  2. Sunberry 75 days to maturity
  3. Noir Des Carmes melon 75- 80 days
    A French cantaloupe with sweet flavor. An easy to grow melon.
  4. Prescott Fond Blane melon 85 days
    An early melon with a sweet flavor.
  5. Petit Gris De Rennes Melon 85 days to maturity
    An early melon with a sweet flavor.
  6. Chelsea watermelon 80-90 days
    Round watermelon with pink flesh and sweet taste. keeps for several weeks after being picked.
  1. Albino Pumpkin 80 to 90 days to mature.
    Average size white Pumpkin used for carving, cooking, and roasting seeds.
  2. Green porcelain fairytale Pumpkin/ Jarrahdal 125 days to mature.
    French heirloom. Deeply lobed, great for cooking, baking, roasting seeds.
  3. Pumpkin 110 days to mature.
    Standard orange pumpkin cooking, baking, carving, and roasting seeds.
  4. Albino mini Pumpkin 95 to 100 days to mature.
    Extra small white ornamental pumpkin.
  5. Small Albino Pumpkin 80 to 90 days to maturity.
    Used for carving, cooking, baking, and roasting seeds. stores well.
  1. Acorn Squash cream colored 80 days to maturity.
    Good for grilling, baking, in soups, or roasting
  2. Turban Squash 90 days to maturity.
    Winter Squash that stores well with red, orange, and green stripes, with a nutty flavor.
  3. Yellow/ Green spaghetti squash 80 days to maturity
    Can be roasted, baked, or boiled. Can roast the seeds.
  4. Red kuri Squash 92 days to maturity.
    Japanese winter squash keeps well with a dry sweet flesh.
  5. Acorn Squash 80 days to maturity
    sweet dry thin hard shell that keeps well.
  6. Green Hubbard Squash 105 days to maturity.
    keeps well with an excellent flavor.
  7. Blue Hubbard Squash 100 days to maturity.
    Large sweet gold colored flesh good for pies, soups, and baking.
  8. Delicata Squash 80 to 100 days to maturity.
    its productive and has a similar taste to a sweet potato.
  9. Summer Squash 50 days to maturity.
    very productive with a light, sweet, pleasant taste
  10. Astia Container Zucchini
    A bush variety. Good for growing in containers or in small garden spaces. Plants are very productive and early bearing.
  11. Ronde de Nice, French Zucchini
    Harvest when plant reaches 1-2 inches in diameter but no more then 4-5 inches. Good steamed or sautéed.
  12. Baby Butternut- Honey Nut Squash
    Small, personal sized squashes reach about 1 pound. Squashes have a rich, sweet taste and cook in minutes. Needs to be trellised.
  13. Carnival Winter Squash 85 days to maturity.
    productive sweet semi bush type.
  14. Butternut Squash 50 to 55 days to maturity.
    has a sweet flavor. Used for baking, soups, and pies.
  1. Salad Scallions 60 days
    Crispy with mild flavor. A fast spring/fall crop. Good in salads, sliced, bunched, or as table onions.
  2. Red Burgundy Okra
    Stunning plant with burgundy accents and tender burgundy pods. Good yields. Loves heat.
  3. White Vienna Kohlrabi
    Pale green above ground globes with crisp white flesh that has a sweet but mild flavor, reminiscent to turnips.
  4. Burpee's Golden Beet 55-60 days to maturity
    Tender and mild taste, will not bleed like red beets. Sweet flavorful leaves.
  5. Amish Snap pea 60-70days
    Vigorous grower that is a good producer for sweet crisp peas for a six-week period.
  6. Blue Solaise leek 100-120 days
    Blue-colored leaves large stalks with blue colored leaves. Sweet and flavorful. Cold hardy.
  7. Joan rutabaga 90-100 days
    Has a sweet taste and can be used to make soups, or mashed, or roasted. Stores well.
  8. Albino Beet 55 days
    Sweet. Leaves can also be eaten. Can be used to make sugar.
  9. Onion Zebrune Shallot 100 days to maturity.
    Productive banana type that Has a very mild and sweet flavor. Stores well.
  10. Evergreen( scallion) Long White Onion 120 days to maturity
    Bunching variety onion with a mild taste.
  11. Hill county red okra 60-70 days
    Has good flavor is productive. Can be used for pickling. Very productive.
  12. Purple Cauliflower of Sicily 90 days to maturity.
    Has a sweet flavor. Heads are purple and turn bright green when cooked. Easy to grow.
  13. Radish 22 days to maturity.
    Easy to grow. Good for salads.
  14. Bunny Tails
    Easy to grow ornamental grass with fluffy soft tops. Can use as fresh or dried for arrangements.
  15. Golden Sweet pea 60 days
    Lemon yellow flat pods that are good for stir-fries. Can dry peas for soups. Pods are best when small. Vining type.
  16. Tall Utah Celery 100 days to mature
    Crisp and string-less with compact hearts.
  17. Macomber rutabaga 88-100 days
    An American purple top.
  18. Leek Carentan 90 to 110 days to maturity.
    Fast growing with mild flavor. Can be eaten fresh or cooked. Good producer.
  19. Helios radish 30-35 days’
    Small early yellow sweet radish.
  20. Salsify Mammoth Sandwich Island 120 days to mature
    Long tapered tap root like similar to parsnip but has non-sweet oyster type flavor.
  21. Prize Chou pac choy 50 days
    Celery like stalks and leafy greens good for stir-fries.
  22. Gogi Berries
    Deciduous woody shrub can grow to 9 feet tall. They flower from spring to frost. Used fresh for juice or cooking.
  23. Early Snowball cauliflower 60-85 days
    Has solid crisp curds can be planted spring or late summer/ early fall.
  24. Kohlrabi Purple Vienna 55-70 days
    Above ground bulb that has a sweet turnip like flavor
  1. Teddy Bear Sunflower
    Beautiful golden-yellow blooms are great for cut flowers or a border around a larger garden.
  2. Evening Sun Sunflower 75 days to mature
    Orange, red, or burgundy heads with dark centers with extended bloom period with multiple heads. Can reach 6-8 ft tall.
  3. Autumn Beauty sunflower
    7ft Flowers in shades of orange, yellow, red, and bronze. Flowers over a long period.
  4. Lemon Queen Sunflower
    Grows between 3-5 feet.with pale lemon color petals. Easy to grow.
​​​Swiss chard and other greens
  1. Black Mustard
    Seeds and leaves and sprouts are edible and have a spicy flavor.
  2. Mustard 70 days to maturity.
    Good in salad or in stir fries.
  3. Swiss Chard 60 days to maturity.
    Has similar flavor to beets and spinach.
  4. Collard Greens 60 to 65 days to maturity.
    Blue green leaves that have a mild cabbage flavor.
  5. Rhubarb Red Swiss Chard 50-60 days to maturity
    Has deep crimson stems. Good for soup and stews.
  6. Arugula 35 days to maturity
    Has peppery flavor can be used for cooking or in salads.
  7. Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale 55-65 days to mature
    Very hardy will overwinter with mulch in zones 4-5. High in vitamin A. Finely curled blue green leaves
  8. Arugula 35 days
    Has peppery flavor can be used for cooking or in salads.
  9. Smooth German Kale
    Smooth green leaves range from 3 to 4ft wide. Has a bitter tangy mustard taste when raw, but cooked it has a sweet taste.
  10. Italian Arugula
    Annual, frost hardy. Good in sandwiches and salads. Mature leaves are 3-4 inches long. Easy and fast to grow. Has fresh peppery taste.
  11. Habhoher Gruner Krauser Kale 60 days to mature
    Has Light green finely curled leaves that are best eaten fresh. Can be harvested into early winter.
  12. Giant Winter Hardy Swiss Chard 60 days to maturity.
    Has beet spinach flavor. Does well in hot or cold weather. Harvest leaves from spring to winter.
  13. Prize Chou pac choy 50 days
    Celery like stalks and leafy greens good for stir-fries.
  14. Tatsoi Asian greens 21 days
    For baby leaves and 45 for full sized- Can be harvested over a long period has compact rosette good for salads and stir frying.
  15. Lacinato Kale 62 days to mature
    Italian Kale that has heavily textured leaves. Best taste when leaves are small.
  16. Ole Timey Blue Collard
    Blue-green leaves and purple stems/vines very good for eating.
  1. Mandarin Cross Tomatoes
    A good slicing tomato with a sweet flavorful finish. Grows in abundance.
  2. Red Pepper Cherry Tomato-
    Plants produce vibrant red pear shaped cherry tomatoes that have a sweet flavor. Good in salads.
  3. Red & Yellow Mini Pear Tomatoes
    Plants produce little pear shape tomatoes or either red or yellow. Has a mild sweet taste.
  4. Tangerine Tomato
    Golden orange tomatoes good for slicing with a creamy texture and sweet flavor. Tall vines grow up to 5-7 feet.
  5. Black Vernissage Tomato 75 days to maturity
    Good for sauces.
  6. Austin Red Pear Tomato 75 days to maturity
    Very productive and has good flavor. Good for fresh eating or roasting in the oven.
  7. Mexico Midget Tomato 60-70 days to maturity
    Good producer of small flavorful tomatoes all growing season.
  8. Aunt Ruby’s German Green tomato- 85
    beefsteak tomato that has strong sweet
  9. Beef Steak Tomato
    A good producer of large fruit. Good slicing tomato
  10. Martino's Roma Tomato
    A determinate type tomato. Compact plant good producer. Good for sauces and salsas.
  11. Slicing Tomato
    Fruits throughout the season with fruits averaging 1-2lbs. Good as a sliced tomato